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Precast Magnets

Precast Magnets

Precast Magnets are innovative and versatile tools used in the construction industry for securing formwork or molds in place during the casting of concrete structures. These magnets are designed to provide a strong and reliable hold, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the formwork. One of the key advantages of using Precast Magnets is their ease of use. With their powerful magnetic force, these magnets securely attach to the metal framework, eliminating the need for traditional clamping methods. This not only speeds up the formwork installation process but also allows for easy adjustments and repositioning. The Precast Magnets are made from high-quality neodymium magnets and possess exceptional magnetic properties. This ensures a secure and stable grip, even under heavy loads and vibrations. It can be divided into electric box fixed magnets, wire tube fixed magnets, and shuttering magnets according to the fixed objects. HULK Metal is a professional Precast Magnets manufacturer, providing you with standard parts and OEM service. Contact us. You can get better discounts and perfect production solutions.

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