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Lifting Pin Anchor

Spherical Head Anchor

The spherical head anchor is one of our popular products, which some of our customers also refer to as the dog bone anchor. They are made of carbon steel and are galvanized for rust resistance. This type of lifting anchor is designed for lifting and handling various precast concrete elements, such as walls, underground structures, culverts, basins, and manholes. The spherical head anchor consists of four types: the spherical head lifting anchor, the spherical double-headed lifting anchor, the U-type lifting anchor, and the lifting eye anchor. Our lifting anchors can handle loads from 1 to 32 tons. We test each product with a safety equal of 3 to 5 times to ensure that they meet your quality standards and expectations. You can get better discounts if plan larger orders. Contact us now, we will give you the better production solution and the better quotation.

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Spherical Head Anchor Technology

Here is a summary of the knowledge we collected from various professional spherical head anchor websites, including noun explanations, usage skills, inspection methods, and the selection of precast concrete accessories manufacturers. Hope it helps you.

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