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Shuttering Magnets

Shuttering Magnets

Shuttering magnets are a type of precast magnets that are specifically designed and developed for fixing precast concrete formwork. It uses powerful permanent rubidium magnets as raw materials and uses stainless steel or carbon steel as box protection magnets. HULK Metal is an experienced manufacturer of shuttering magnets. We have a complete supply chain and can provide a full range of services, such as raw material procurement, production, quality inspection, packaging, freight consultation, and after-sales. We can produce 500~3200kg shuttering magnets for you. They will pass the strict tensile test and magnet performance test before shipment so that they can fix the form better and can be used more times. If you have a large order, you can enjoy a better discount from us, because we are an experienced manufacturer of shuttering magnets. Contact us now, and a better discount is waiting for you.

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Shuttering Magnets Technology

Here is a summary of the knowledge we collected from various professional Shuttering Magnets, including noun explanations, usage skills, inspection methods, and the selection of precast concrete shuttering magnets manufacturers. Hope it helps you.

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