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Wire Loop Box

Wire Loop Box

Wire Loop Box is the accessories used to connect precast concretes. It consists of steel wire rope, galvanized carbon steel box, and adhesive tape. It needs to pass strict performance tests, such as the tensile test of the steel wire rope before it can be used. HULK Metal has produced wire loop boxes for customers for nearly 10 years and has accumulated rich experience. We can provide wire loop boxes with Standard wire lengths of 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, and 140 mm are available for joint depths ranging from 80 mm to 140 mm. We have a complete supply chain, which means We can help you control the cost of the order in an all-around way. You can enjoy the online factory tour service we provide, and you can do on-site inspections without spending energy and money. We have an advanced and strictly managed quality control center, which will complete size, appearance, performance, quantity, and other tests before delivery, and issue material and product test reports. Our freight consulting center can help you find a more suitable freight company to deliver the goods to you safely and quickly. Our service center can solve your various problems more quickly. You can also enjoy a larger discount if you have a large order. Contact us now to get a better price.

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Wire Loop Box Technology

We have collected and organized a lot of content about wire loop boxes such as production, quality inspection, use, etc. You can click and learn about related content as needed.

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