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Steel Embed Plate

Steel Embed Plate

Steel Embed Plate is a prefabricated steel plate designed for concrete structures and equipped with protruding ears designed to be fixed into the concrete panel through the casting process. This design ensures that the cast-in panels can be securely connected to the foundation, other panels, or roofing systems, or used to install various building accessories once the structural shell is completed. When the Steel Embed Plate is deployed at the edge of the panel, it can be effectively connected to the side formwork or steel bars.HULK Metal is equipped with industry-leading laser cutting and welding technology, coupled with an advanced supply chain management system, to provide comprehensive solutions from raw material procurement to production, quality control, packaging, logistics, and after-sales service of embedded parts. We have successfully produced and supplied more than hundreds of thousands of high-quality steel-embed plates to many companies.We welcome you to contact us to obtain more professional solutions and detailed quotations to ensure that your project needs are optimally met.

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Steel Embed Plate Technology

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