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Hoist Ring

Hoist rings are an important part of lifting equipment. HULK Metal can provide grade 80 and grade100 hoist rings with a safety factor of 3 to 5 times, using high-quality 35CrMo alloy steel and 42CrMo alloy steel adopt die forging process and are divided into metric and inch threads. The specifications range from M8 to M100 and support non-standard customization. It has been widely used in cement factories, mold factories, machinery factories and other industries. Compared with the traditional DIN580 lifting bolts, it is more flexible and can better meet the lifting needs in all aspects. If you need hoist rings, please feel free to contact our online engineers, we can provide you with a full range of services and competitive prices.

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Hoist Ring Technology

Here is a summary of the knowledge we collected from various professional hoist ring websites, including noun explanations, usage skills, inspection methods, and the selection of precast concrete ring clutch manufacturers. Hope it helps you.

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