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Swivel Points


The swivel points produced by HULK Metal provide functions of 360-degree horizontal rotation and 180-degree flipping up and down. They have a four-fold safety factor and can meet various lifting needs. Compared with traditional DIN580 lifting eye screws, our products are more flexible and can fully meet the needs of combined lifting. Made of 35CrMo alloy steel or 42CrMo alloy steel, according to different connection methods, our products can be divided into two types: screw hole type swivel points and bolt type swivel points. The specification range is wide, with bolt specifications ranging from M8 to M100, and load-bearing capacity ranging from 0.4T to 50T. Its structure adopts a hexagonal arrangement of the base, which facilitates the installation of lifting points on various surfaces of the lifted object. swivel points are widely used in various industries, including but not limited to machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, construction, ships, bridge engineering, sports venues, petroleum, fishery, forestry, drilling, coal mines and ports, etc.

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Parameters of HULK Metal Swivel Points:

NameSwivel Points
Material35CrMo alloy steel / 42CrMo alloy steel/ Customized
Surface TreatmentSpraying / Customized
PackagingWooden case / Carton / Bulk / Customized
ServiceFreight consulting / Quality inspection / After-sales / Other value-added services.

Features About Swivel Points:

  • Higher Quality Swivel Points:

    ISO 9001 Factory:

    HULK Metal has passed ISO9001 management system certification. Swivel Points adopts strict production technology and has reliable quality

    Strict inspection process:

    Quality inspection is a core part of our production process. Swivel Points adopts strict testing standards and advanced testing equipment to ensure stable and reliable quality.

    From the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, every step is comprehensively inspected to ensure customer satisfaction and product reliability.

    Professional testing team and advanced testing instruments:

    A pull test with a 4x safety factor will be used to evaluate the lifting performance of Swivel Points. Packaging quantities are also carefully checked before shipment. 

    Our rigorous testing process ensures that the products you receive are fully guaranteed in quality and quantity.

    Can pass CE certification and TUV, SGS inspection.

    We have produced Swivel Points for hundreds of customers that can pass CE certification and TUV and SGS inspection. You can trust us with your order.

    You can get free samples to check whether they can meet the requirements.
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  • Swivel Points with Shorter Lead Time:

    Rigorous production process:

    We treat the production process with rigor. Our professional technical team will develop a comprehensive production plan based on your procurement swivel points quantity, 

    delivery time, performance requirements and surface treatment needs to ensure high-quality products are delivered on time.

    Experienced manufacturing team:

    We have an experienced manufacturing team that has successfully produced tens of thousands of swivel points. 

    They skillfully use advanced production equipment to increase output, improve product quality, and shorten production cycles.

    Advanced production equipment:

    We have a fully equipped factory with advanced casting, forging and CNC machining workshops, 

    enabling a highly automated production process to fulfill orders faster.

    Thoughtful logistics services:

    Our logistics support team covers an extensive transportation network and can quickly find the most cost-effective and safe transportation company. 

    The swivel points you purchase will be delivered to you faster.

    You can get a solution with shorter order delivery times and guaranteed quality and quantity.
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  • Swivel Points With Better Service:

    Dear Customer,

    We are a professional prefabricated parts manufacturer committed to providing you with efficient and high-quality products and services.

    Our customer service team is composed of elites from multiple departments such as technology, procurement, production, quality inspection, packaging, logistics and after-sales, 

    providing you with full and considerate service to ensure you get the best experience.

    24/7 service:

    Our service team will be online around the clock to answer your questions at any time to ensure that your needs are met in a timely manner. 

    We have established a complete service feedback mechanism. If you are not satisfied with our services in any way, 

    please feel free to contact our CEO directly. We will do our best to solve the problem and ensure your satisfaction.

    Production tracking and feedback:

    Our service team will track the production status of your order throughout the process and provide you with timely feedback on the production progress, 

    including pictures and videos. We also provide a video call service to invite you to participate in the production process, so you can understand the status of your order in real time even if you are away from home.

    Quality assurance:

    Every product comes with a quality warranty, and we promise to properly resolve any quality issues to ensure your satisfaction.

    We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you and providing you with better services and products. 

    If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

    You can benefit from the comprehensive services of a dedicated client team.
    Contact Your Dedicated Service Team
  • Cost-controllable Swivel Points:

    Optimize quality and effectively control costs:

    While we are committed to improving product quality, we ensure precise control of the production process through effective cost management to meet your requirements.

     With sufficient production capacity and high-quality services, we are firmly moving towards this goal.

    Comprehensive cost control:

    With the help of a complete supply chain system, we can optimize the production process from multiple angles and achieve comprehensive cost control. 

    You will save yourself the trouble of selecting suppliers, get more cost-effective products, and receive the goods you need faster while ensuring quality.

    Establish a brand image:

    We promise to provide high-standard products, fast delivery and excellent service support to help you create a more perfect brand image. 

    Welcome to put forward your specific needs, we will do our best to meet your requirements.

    You can leave a request and get a more suitable quotation.
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Procurement Process

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    In-depth understanding of your requirement.
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    In-depth understanding of your requirement.
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    In-depth understanding of your requirement.
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    In-depth understanding of your requirement.
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    In-depth understanding of your requirement.
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    In-depth understanding of your requirement.
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    In-depth understanding of your requirement.
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    In-depth understanding of your requirement.

Other Lifting Anchors You Might Want to Know

Besides swivel points, we also provide Spherical Head Lifting Anchors, Lifting Clutch For Concrete, and Recess Formers For Lifting Anchors. You can click on the corresponding picture for details. We will provide you with a full range of production services, and you can rest assured to place your order with us.

You Can Know About Swivel Points In Blogs

Here is the introduction, production, and quality inspection of swivel points that we can organize, as well as some sharing from customers and details of our delivery. You can leave us a message if you want to share or get some content about swivel points.


  • Carr Hood

    HULK Metal's swivel points are of excellent quality and their customer service is excellent. They resolved our issue promptly and efficiently to our satisfaction.

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