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Lifting Points


Our Lifting Points are designed with an annular structure and are designed to be installed directly on the load through threaded holes to achieve excellent load-lifting performance. This product is made of grade 80 or 100 high-strength alloy steel and undergoes a carefully designed quenching and tempering process to ensure ultimate durability and long service life. Installed on advanced ball bearings, this design not only ensures precise orientation of the load but also greatly simplifies the operation process, making load positioning easier.Our Lifting Points enable 360° of omnidirectional orientation, and their tilt rings can reach a range of 230°, ensuring flexible use at any angle. The product's load capacity covers a wide range (from M8 to M100, 0.4 to 40 tons), and can meet the lifting needs of various sizes and weights. Choosing HULK Metal's Lifting Points means choosing a professional lifting solution that is safe, reliable, and efficient.

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Parameters of HULK Metal Lifting Points:

NameSwivel Points
Material35CrMo alloy steel / 42CrMo alloy steel/ Customized
Surface TreatmentSpraying / Customized
PackagingWooden case / Carton / Bulk / Customized
ServiceFreight consulting / Quality inspection / After-sales / Other value-added services.

Features About Lifting Points:

  • Higher Quality Lifting Points:

    ISO 9001 Factory:

    As an ISO 9001 certified factory, HULK Metal promises that every lifting point we manufacture is produced in an environment that adheres to the highest industry standards. 

    We know that quality is the cornerstone of customer trust, so we uphold the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of production.

    Strict inspection process:

    Our professional quality inspection team, equipped with advanced testing equipment, strictly inspects each batch of raw materials to ensure that they meet our strict quality standards before entering the production line.

    Our equipment can conduct more than 4 times safety factor testing on lifting points, including but not limited to fracture testing, 

    as well as accurate measurement of key parameters such as product size, shape, coating thickness, etc. to ensure that the final product can meet or even exceed customer expectations.

    Professional testing team and advanced testing instruments:

    Over the past 20 years, HULK Metal has continuously optimized and improved our inspection processes and established a strict quality control system aimed at providing customers with high-strength lifting points.

    This effort has enabled our products to not only successfully pass CE certification, but more importantly, win customers' firm trust in the quality of our products.

    Can pass CE certification and TUV, SGS inspection.

    HULK Metal is not only committed to producing high-quality lifting points that can pass CE certification, 

    we also provide comprehensive quality assurance services to ensure that every customer's purchasing experience reaches the highest level of satisfaction. 

    Choosing HULK Metal means choosing reliability, professionalism and excellent quality assurance.

    You can get free samples to check whether they can meet the requirements.
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  • Lifting Points With Shorter Lead Time:

    Rigorous production process:

    As a professional Lifting Points manufacturer, we attach great importance to the rigor of our production process.

    Our technical team, with its expertise, develops a comprehensive and detailed production plan based on the customer's specific needs - including

    the number of rotation points to be purchased, scheduled delivery times, performance specifications and special requirements for surface treatment. 

    This is all to ensure that products that meet the highest standards are delivered on time.

    Experienced manufacturing team:

    Our manufacturing team includes many experienced experts. This team has successfully completed the production task of tens of thousands of Lifting Points. 

    They use advanced production equipment to not only significantly improve output and product quality, but also effectively shorten the production cycle, ensuring that we can meet the urgent needs of our customers.

    Advanced production equipment:

    Our factory is equipped with a full set of advanced equipment, including casting, forging and CNC machining equipment, achieving a high degree of automation in the production process. 

    This advanced production capability allows us to fulfill orders faster while maintaining high quality standards for our products.

    Thoughtful logistics services:

    our logistics services are equally excellent. Our logistics support team relies on an extensive transportation network to quickly find the most cost-effective, safe and reliable transportation solutions for customers. 

    With such service guarantee, the Lifting Points purchased by customers will be delivered more quickly and safely.

    You can get a solution with shorter order delivery times and guaranteed quality and quantity.
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  • Lifting Points With Better Service:

    Dear Customer,

    Committed to improving industry standards, we are a leading manufacturer of universal lifting rings, focusing on delivering high-efficiency, excellent-quality precast component products and services to you.

    Our team is composed of industry elites, covering key areas such as technology research and development, procurement strategy, production management, quality control, packaging optimization,

     logistics coordination and after-sales service, aiming to provide you with one-stop, worry-free solutions to ensure that you Enjoy an unparalleled customer experience.

    24/7 service:

    Our customer service team is on call 24/7, ready to respond to your inquiries and meet your needs quickly and efficiently. 

    With a comprehensive service feedback and response mechanism in place, we encourage you to contact our CEO directly with any service-level dissatisfaction or query.

    We promise to act quickly to resolve the issue and ensure your satisfaction.

    Production tracking and feedback:

    We promise to ensure that you have full control of the order status through a real-time order production tracking and feedback system. 

    We provide pictures and video updates including production progress, and invite you to the production line through video call services during key production stages, 

    so you can supervise the production process of your order in real time no matter where you are.

    Quality assurance:

    Every universal lifting ring product comes with our quality commitment, and we will spare no effort to solve any quality problems to ensure your absolute satisfaction. 

    Our goal is to provide impeccable products and services through unremitting efforts and continuous improvement.

    We are eager to establish and maintain a long-term partnership with you, constantly exceed your expectations, and provide better services and products.

    For any needs or questions, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team.

    You can benefit from the comprehensive services of a dedicated client team.
    Contact Your Dedicated Service Team
  • Cost-controllable Swivel Points:

    Optimize quality and effectively control costs:

    As a professional manufacturer of universal lifting rings, we insist on optimizing product quality while adopting efficient cost control strategies to 

    ensure meticulous management of the production process to fully meet customer needs. Our goal is to relentlessly pursue this goal while maintaining adequate production capacity and providing excellent service.

    Comprehensive cost control:

    By integrating and optimizing the supply chain system, we have achieved multi-dimensional optimization of the production process and ensured comprehensive cost control.

    This means that while customers can enjoy cost-effective products, they will also avoid the trouble of finding suppliers and can receive the required goods more quickly while ensuring quality.

    Establish a brand image:

    We are committed to helping customers create a better brand image by providing high-standard products, fast delivery cycles and excellent service support. 

    We welcome specific customer requirements and are committed to working hard to meet those requirements. 

    Our team is not only focused on continuous product improvement, but also constantly exploring new ways to reduce costs, all in an effort to provide greater value to our customers.

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Besides swivel points, we also provide Spherical Head Lifting Anchors, Lifting Clutch For Concrete, and Recess Formers For Lifting Anchors. You can click on the corresponding picture for details. We will provide you with a full range of production services, and you can rest assured to place your order with us.

You Can Know About Lifting Points In Blogs

Here is the introduction, production, and quality inspection of swivel points that we can organize, as well as some sharing from customers and details of our delivery. You can leave us a message if you want to share or get some content about swivel points.


  • Carr Hood

    HULK Metal's swivel points are of excellent quality and their customer service is excellent. They resolved our issue promptly and efficiently to our satisfaction.

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