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Wire Rope Lifting Loops


The Lifting Loop is a versatile and cost-effective lifting key specifically designed for handling precast concrete elements. Engineered to accommodate both tensile loads and parallel shear loads up to an angle of 45°, this product ensures robust performance in various lifting scenarios. The innovative thread size and clear color coding within the thread system facilitate quick and reliable identification for users, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. With its superior design and functionality, the Lifting Loop stands out as an essential tool for professionals in the construction and precast concrete industries.

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Parameters of HULK Metal Wire Rope Lifting Loops:

NAMEMATERIALAlloy Steel / Carbon Steel / Customizable
Lifting LoopsSURFACE TREATMENTElectro-galvanized
SWL (tons)CODETHREAD(RD/M)H(mm)E(mm)D(mm)


Features About Wire Rope Lifting Loops:

  • Higher Quality Wire Rope Lifting Loops:

    ISO 9001 Certified Production Facility

    At our ISO 9001-certified factory, all production activities adhere to the stringent standards of the ISO 9001 quality management system. This system ensures each Wire Rope Lifting Loops is produced through a meticulous process, enhancing overall product quality and reliability.

    Advanced Testing Facilities and Technical Expertise

    Our Quality Control Center boasts state-of-the-art testing equipment, allowing for a thorough evaluation of the physical and chemical properties, dimensions, tolerances, shape, and lifting capabilities of our products. Our highly experienced quality inspection team conducts rigorous assessments in accordance with customer specifications, ensuring top-tier quality.

    Rigorous Quality Inspection Process

    We implement a stringent inspection process that covers every stage of production, from raw material inspection to finished product sampling and detailed quantity verification. This thorough inspection protocol ensures that each shipment meets our strict quality and quantity standards.

    Compliance with International Quality Standards

    With a proven track record of producing CE-certified Wire Rope Lifting Loops, our products fully comply with international market requirements. You can trust our capability to meet the diverse challenges and demands of various global markets.

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  • Wire Rope Lifting Loops with Shorter Lead Times:

     Advanced Production Technology and Equipment

    Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art automated heating, rolling, and drawing equipment, specifically designed for the efficient manufacturing of Wire Rope Lifting Loops. This cutting-edge machinery ensures high efficiency throughout the production process and consistently maintains superior product quality.

     Experienced Production Team

    Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, each with over five years of industry experience. Their expertise in equipment operation and maintenance guarantees optimal performance and maximizes production efficiency.

    Rigorous Production Process

    We adhere to strict production management protocols to guarantee the quality and consistency of our Wire Rope Lifting Loops. Every order is meticulously supervised to ensure it is completed efficiently and to the highest standards, ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Thoughtful Freight Service

    Our freight services team provides personalized, complimentary consultations to help you select the most suitable logistics solutions. We are dedicated to delivering your products promptly and safely through optimized freight options.

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  • Wire Rope Lifting Loops With Better Service:

    Dedicated Customer Service Team

    At HULK Metal, we take pride in pioneering the establishment of a dedicated customer service team specifically for Wire Rope Lifting Loops. Our mission is to deliver exceptional service, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of our products and services, and making your purchasing process as smooth and efficient as possible.

    24/7 Service Support

    Our customer service team is available 24/7 to address your inquiries and resolve any issues. Whether you contact us by phone or email, you can expect a prompt and professional response at any time.

    Real-Time Order Tracking and Feedback

    We prioritize transparent communication by providing real-time updates on your order's progress. You can reach out to our service team for the latest photos and videos, or experience the production process via video conferencing, ensuring you remain informed at every stage.

    Quality Assurance Commitment

    HULK Metal is renowned for its commitment to quality assurance. We take any quality concerns seriously and are dedicated to developing solutions that meet your expectations. Our aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and services.

    You can benefit from the comprehensive services of a dedicated client team.
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  • Cost-controllable Wire Rope Lifting Loops:

    Ensure a balance between high quality and cost-effectiveness:

    Our productivity and service capabilities enable us to achieve an optimal balance between maintaining superior quality and cost efficiency.

    Comprehensive Cost Control Strategy:

    Through refined supply chain management, we enhance the efficiency of each production stage, leading to effective cost control. This allows us to deliver Cast-in Lifting Loops promptly and economically, all while ensuring the product meets your quality expectations.

    Building an Excellent Brand Image:

    Our high standards for Cast-in Lifting Loops, combined with our swift delivery capabilities and exceptional customer service, significantly enhance your brand image.

    We are committed to actively listening and responding to your specific needs, providing comprehensive and satisfactory services tailored to your requirements.

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Besides Wire Rope Lifting Loops, we also offer cast-in lifting loops. You can click on the corresponding picture for details. We will provide you with a full range of production services, and you can rest assured to place your order with us.

You Can Know About Wire Rope Lifting Loops in Blogs

Here is what we can organize about the introduction, production, and quality inspection of Lifting Loops, as well as some sharing from customers and details of our delivery. You can leave us a message if you want to share or get some content about Lifting Loops.


  • Alan

    This supplier has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and reliability, and our cooperation has been successful many times. The wire rope products it provides have always maintained a stable level of quality and meet our strict requirements for material strength, durability, and safety.

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