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An old engineer who has retired for ten years tells you the safe use of precast concrete lifting clutches

March 29, 2024

As a key tool in the lifting field, the lifting clutch is widely used in various operations, including lifting, transportation and loading and unloading scenarios. These devices are specially designed to ensure a safe and efficient connection between the lifting mechanism and the load and are suitable for use with a variety of construction materials, especially precast concrete elements. They are designed around the principles of safety, reliability and versatility, which makes them indispensable in the construction and manufacturing industries.


The operational efficiency of lifting clutches is underpinned by their robust construction and innovative design, which allows for a swift and secure attachment to the load. This is facilitated through a locking mechanism that engages with a complementary lifting anchor embedded within the precast element. The precision-engineered components of the lifting clutch ensure a snug fit and prevent accidental disengagement during lifting operations, thereby significantly mitigating the risk of onsite accidents.


Instructions for the use of precast concrete lifting clutches:


1. Confirm the weight of the hoisted object: Before use, please accurately determine the weight of the hoisted object so that you can select appropriate lifting equipment. Also, ensure that the tonnage of the selected lifting clutches matches the required lifting weight.


2. Keep balance: During the hoisting process, be sure to maintain the balance of the lifting clutches to ensure that the hoisted objects are stable in the air and will not shake or deviate from the track.


3. Check the connection of main components: Before lifting, be sure to check whether the connections of main components such as hooks, chains, and pulleys are firm and whether all indicators comply with standards and specifications.


4. Gently lift: When hoisting objects, lift them gently to avoid violent shaking to avoid accidents.


5. It is prohibited to over-stretch the chain: It is strictly prohibited to over-stretch the chain because chain stretching will reduce the strength, lead to instability of the hoisted object, and increase the risk of accidents.


6. Leave a safe distance: When placing hoisted objects, be sure to leave a certain safety distance to prevent injury to people.


7. Overload use is prohibited: It is strictly prohibited to use lifting clutches in overweight or overload situations. Hoisting equipment must be selected reasonably based on the actual weight of the hoisted object.


Safety maintenance of precast concrete lifting clutches:


1. Cleaning, lubrication, and anti-rust treatment: After use, please clean, lubricate, and anti-rust the lifting clutches to ensure their working efficiency and service life.


2. Keep it dry and clean: During daily use, please pay attention to keeping the lifting clutches dry and clean to avoid collision and wear.


3. Regular inspection and maintenance: Regular inspection of lifting clutches, including chain status, pulley wear, hook deformation, etc., and timely repair and replacement.


4. Proper storage and protection: When not in use for a long time, please store and protect lifting clutches properly to avoid moisture and deformation, which may affect the use effect.


HULK Metal as a manufacturer deeply ingrained in the development and production of lifting clutches, our commitment extends beyond merely supplying a product. We are dedicated to providing solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity on the construction site. Our continuous innovation, coupled with stringent quality control measures, ensures that our lifting clutches set the standard in the industry, empowering our clients to execute their projects with confidence and precision.

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