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Spread Anchor

Spread Anchor

The spread anchor that HULK Metal can supply you mainly includes spread anchor, two hole transport anchor, flat foot anchor, erection anchor, and lifting ring clutch. We will set up a professional team that includes technology, procurement, production, quality inspection, freight, and after-sales service members to provide comprehensive services for you. We will take your every request seriously and formulate a perfect solution with our professional advice. We have served hundreds of customers and produced spread anchors that can pass CE certification and inspection by TUV, SGS, and other companies. Our freight team will recommend you better freight companies and provide excellent delivery service. The after-sales team will help you deal with various problems. At HULK Metal, you can not only buy the spread anchor you want but also feel an easier purchasing process.

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Spread Anchor Technology

Here is a summary of the knowledge we collected from various professional precast concrete spread anchor websites, including noun explanations, usage skills, inspection methods, and the selection of precast concrete accessories manufacturers. Hope it helps you.

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