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Wavy Tail Anchor


The Wavy Tail Anchor socket is crafted from high-grade zinc-plated carbon steel and is swaged to a waved reinforcement bar. These anchors are available with Rd12 to Rd52 threads, supporting load ratings from 500 kg to 12,500 kg. Stainless steel sockets and rebar tails can be produced upon special request. Wavy Tail Anchors are designed for use in precast concrete structures and can be effortlessly installed using standard tools. They offer a robust, durable attachment that is highly resistant to corrosion and weathering. Available in various sizes, lengths, and diameters, Wavy Tail Anchors are suitable for a wide range of structural applications.

These anchors can be utilized to secure precast and post-tensioned concrete structures, as well as metal and timber components.

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Parameters of HULK Metal Wavy Tail Anchor:

NAMEMATERIALStainless Steel / Q345 / Q235 / 20# / Customizable
Long Wavy Lifting SocketSURFACE TREATMENTRaw Color, Electro-galvanized, Hot-dip Galvanized
SWL (tons)CODETHREAD(RD/M)H(mm)D(mm)E(mm)DS(mm)


Features About HULK Metal Wavy Tail Anchor:

  • Higher Quality Wavy Tail Anchor:

     ISO 9001 Certified Factory

    Our factory adheres strictly to the ISO 9001 quality management system, ensuring that your wavy tail anchors are manufactured through a rigorous production process.

    Professional Testing Team and Advanced Testing Instruments

    Our quality control center is equipped with professional personnel and advanced instruments. We utilize go-no-go gauges to test thread tolerance and tensile testers to assess lifting performance. Additionally, our salt spray tester ensures the product's antirust capabilities.

    Comprehensive Inspection Process

    We maintain a thorough inspection process, covering every stage from raw material procurement to final packaging. This guarantees that you receive high-quality products in the correct quantities.

    Certification and Third-Party Inspections

    Our wavy tail anchors meet CE certification standards. You are welcome to arrange inspections by reputable organizations such as SGS and TUV at our factory.

    You can get free samples to check whether they can meet the requirements.
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  • Wavy Tail Anchor with Shorter Lead Time:

    Rigorous Production Process

    We employ a meticulous approach to understanding your specific requirements, enabling us to tailor a comprehensive production solution that meets your needs. Our streamlined and systematic process ensures orders are fulfilled with utmost efficiency and precision.

    State-of-the-Art Production Equipment

    Our facility is outfitted with cutting-edge automated extrusion and tapping machines, which significantly enhance the production efficiency of our Wavy Tail Anchor.

    Skilled Production Team

    Our experienced production team operates the machinery with expert precision. Their proficiency ensures timely maintenance and a reduced production cycle, allowing us to meet your order deadlines effectively.

    Comprehensive Freight Service

    We assist in selecting a reliable and secure shipping company tailored to your needs. Additionally, our complimentary freight consulting service is available, even if you choose FOB, ensuring your logistics are managed seamlessly.

    You can get a solution with shorter order delivery times and guaranteed quality and quantity.
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  • Wavy Tail Anchor With Better Service:

    Professional Customer Support Team: 

    Our committed and proficient customer service team is readily available to assist you throughout your entire purchasing journey of Long Wavy Lifting Sockets. From the moment you place your order, they will remain by your side, diligently addressing any challenges you may encounter. 

    24/7 Availability: 

    Rest assured, our service team operates round the clock, 7 days a week. Whenever you require assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We pride ourselves on maintaining the swiftest response times in the industry. 

    Order Tracking and Feedback: 

    Your dedicated service team will diligently monitor the progress of your order, providing you with real-time updates including pictures and videos upon request. Through interactive video calls, we offer you the opportunity to actively participate in the production process. 

    Quality Assurance Guarantee: 

    We stand behind the quality of our products with a comprehensive warranty service. Should you encounter any quality issues, rest assured that we will promptly resolve them to your utmost satisfaction.

    You can benefit from the comprehensive services of a dedicated client team.
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  • Cost-controllable Wavy Tail Anchor:

    Ensuring Exceptional Quality and Cost Efficiency:

    At our wavy tail anchors manufacturing facility, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing Wavy Tail Anchors of unparalleled quality while maintaining rigorous cost controls tailored to your requirements. Drawing upon our extensive production capabilities and service proficiency, we pledge to consistently uphold these exacting standards.

    Efficient Cost Control Measures:

    Through the implementation of an integrated supply chain framework, we employ a meticulous approach to cost management across all operational aspects. This strategic methodology empowers you to streamline supplier selection processes, procure Wavy Tail Anchors at competitive rates, and expedite delivery schedules, all while preserving uncompromised quality.

    Elevating Your Brand Integrity:

    Our unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier Wavy Tail Anchor, coupled with prompt delivery timelines and exemplary customer support, serves as a cornerstone in strengthening your brand's identity. Your unique preferences remain our top priority, and we are committed to accommodating them to the fullest extent possible.

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