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HULK Metal's New office

August 17, 2023

Embarking on a new chapter of innovation and service, HULK Metal proudly announces its relocation to the heart of progress: Room 901, Intelligent Park A Building, No. 86 ChunYang Rd, Qingdao, China. This move is more than just a change of address; it signifies our commitment to providing you with the finest precast concrete accessories and a reinvigorated approach to exceptional service.


A Vision Realized, A Home Achieved


Our new headquarters isn't just a space; it's a realization of our vision to offer you the best in precast concrete accessories. Nestled within the Intelligent Park A Building, our new office is a testament to our dedication to growth, excellence, and unwavering quality.


Elevating Excellence, One Innovation at a Time


With our move, we're not just changing locations; we're elevating the standards of excellence. This new chapter empowers us to serve you with renewed vigor, a sharper focus, and an enhanced commitment to providing you with precast concrete accessories that redefine durability and innovation.


A Commitment to Unparalleled Service


Our journey to Room 901 isn't just about new walls; it's about cultivating a new attitude. With this relocation, we're renewing our pledge to offer you service that goes beyond the ordinary. Our team is geared up to provide you with an experience that's seamless, supportive, and tailored to your needs.


What's in Store for You


- Higher Quality, Tailored Solutions: Our new office marks a fresh start, allowing us to bring you precast concrete accessories of even higher quality, designed to meet your project's unique demands.


- Cutting-Edge Innovations: Innovation is in our DNA. The new space fuels our drive to explore and create, ensuring you're provided with the latest and most advanced solutions.


- Service Redefined: The move is a pledge to serve you better. Expect an attentive, responsive, and dedicated partnership to your success.


Join Us on This Journey


HULK Metal's new headquarters is more than an address; it's a journey of growth, excellence, and collaboration. As we settle into our new space, we extend an open invitation to you, our valued partner. Come experience our new home, witness our passion for innovation, and let's forge a future of construction excellence together.


We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our new office. Until then, stay tuned for updates and exciting developments. Your trust is our inspiration, and your projects are our passion.




The HULK Metal Team

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