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Concrete Screw Bolts


Our Concrete Screw Bolt stands as a robust and enduring cornerstone in construction. Distinguished by its helical threads, these anchors empower the bolt to carve its path within concrete and masonry upon tightening.Unlike expanding anchors, our screws eliminate the necessity for plugs, rendering them ideal for applications where minimizing cracking is paramount. Additionally, their minimal expansion force permits deployment near edges and in spaces with limited anchor spacing. Installation is a straightforward process, involving hole drilling followed by screwing the product into place.

Adaptable to a spectrum of endeavors ranging from domestic DIY projects to professional and commercial ventures, our concrete screw bolt seamlessly integrates with various construction materials including concrete, marble, brick, block, and stone. It is the recommended choice for securing machinery, equipment, or other fixtures to concrete surfaces on walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as for anchoring furniture and fixtures. Furthermore, it finds its utility in bollards and protective barriers, scaffolding ties, plumbing, timber and steel frame construction, and even in stadium and theatre seating. Versatile across diverse weather conditions, our concrete screw bolt thrives in both wet and dry environments. It emerges as an epitome of versatility, economy, and universality in the realm of construction components.

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Parameters of HULK Metal Concrete Screw Bolts

Concrete Screw Bolts
Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Head Type: Hex Head, Hex Washer Head, CKS head
Surface Treatment: Blue Zinc Plated, Mechanical Galvanized

Features of HULK Metal Concrete Screw Bolts

  • Higher Quality Concrete Screw Bolts:

    ISO 9001 certified factory:

    Rest assured that the Concrete Screw Bolts you purchase are manufactured in our ISO 9001-certified factory.

    Expert testing team and state-of-the-art testing equipment:

    Within our factory, we have an advanced quality control center. Adhering to strict quality inspection protocols, 

    these professionals carefully examine the physical and chemical properties of the raw materials used in Concrete Screw Bolts and evaluate the shape, size, and load-bearing capacity of the final product.

    CE certification, TUV, and SGS compliance:

    Our Concrete Screw Bolts not only comply with CE certification standards, but can also cooperate with strict inspections by TUV and SGS. You can place your order with us with confidence and be sure of the superior quality and reliability of our products.

    You can get free samples to check whether they can meet the requirements.
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  • Concrete Screw Bolts with Shorter Lead Time:

    Rigorous Production Procedures:

    Our dedicated technical team will meticulously devise a comprehensive production blueprint tailored precisely to your specifications. This bespoke solution ensures swift fulfillment of your concrete screw bolt order.

    Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Equipment:

    Equipped with state-of-the-art forging production lines and a meticulously crafted concrete screw bolt forging process, our facilities boast unparalleled efficiency in blanking, heating, forming, and finishing. This translates to expedited order completion.

    Seasoned Production Personnel:

    Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we ensure the seamless operation of our production equipment, resulting in the swift fabrication of concrete screw bolts. Leveraging their expertise, we enhance yield rates and significantly shorten order turnaround times.

    Attentive Freight Services:

    Count on us to provide meticulous freight consultation services, guiding you through the complexities of shipping logistics. Regardless of your chosen shipping method, we'll identify the most suitable shipping partner, enabling you to receive your goods faster and with utmost cost-effectiveness and safety.

    You can get a solution with shorter order delivery times and guaranteed quality and quantity.
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  • Concrete Screw Bolts For Better Service:

    Professional Customer Service:

    At our facility, we pride ourselves on offering specialized customer service tailored to meet your needs. 

    Upon placing your order, our dedicated service team will promptly engage with you.

     Their expertise encompasses technical consultation, procurement, production oversight, shipping logistics, and comprehensive after-sales support.

    24/7 Availability:

    Our commitment to service extends around the clock, with operations available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

     We maintain extensive service hours, spanning up to 18 hours daily. Whether you choose to contact us directly or leave a message, rest assured that we will respond promptly to address your inquiries.

    Progress Tracking and Communication:

    Expect transparent communication regarding the production progress of your Lifting Eye Anchors. 

    Our service team employs various mediums such as images, videos, and video calls to provide real-time updates. 

    We are dedicated to accommodating your specific needs and ensuring alignment with your expectations.

    Assured Quality:

    Confidence in the quality of our products is paramount. Our quality assurance services guarantee the reliability of every order you place with us.

     You can trust in the excellence of our products and services, backed by our commitment to meeting stringent quality standards.

    You can benefit from the comprehensive services of a dedicated client team.
    Contact Your Dedicated Service Team
  • Cost-Controllable Concrete Screw Bolts:

    Comprehensive cost control:

    we actively seek improvements in production processes and rational utilization of resources to effectively control costs.

    Optimize quality:

    By using advanced technology and a strict quality management system, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards.

    Establish a brand image:

    We insist on high quality and high efficiency, strive to establish an excellent brand image, and provide customers with reliable products and services.

    You can leave a request and get a more suitable quotation.
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Other Concrete Screw Bolts You Might Want to Know

Besides Concrete Screw Bolts, we also provide Spherical Head Lifting Anchors, Lifting Clutch For Concrete, and Recess Formers For Lifting Anchors. You can click on the corresponding picture for details. We will provide you with a full range of production services, and you can rest assured to place your order with us.

You Can Know About Lifting Anchors in Blogs

Here is what we can organize about the introduction, production, and quality inspection of Concrete Screw Bolts, as well as some sharing from customers and details of our delivery. You can leave us a comment if you want to share or get some content about Concrete Screw Bolts.


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