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Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets


Experience the pinnacle of precast concrete lifting and fixing with our innovative Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets. Crafted from durable materials including Q345, 20#, and Stainless Steel, these sockets are engineered for maximum performance and longevity. Our sockets are not just combined lifting solutions–they're a testament to engineering precision.


Galvanized for enhanced rust resistance, our Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets embody reliability in every facet. With advanced CNC machining centers optimizing production, we ensure efficiency without compromise. Quality is our cornerstone–each socket undergoes rigorous testing, boasting 3 times safety factors against pulling force.


Unlock personalized logistics with our free freight consulting service. Irrespective of your chosen delivery method, our experts assist you in selecting the ideal freight partner, expediting your order's journey. Elevate your experience with swift, efficient deliveries–because your satisfaction is our priority.

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Parameters of HULK Metal Bolt Anchor Lifting Socket:

NAMEMATERIALStainless Steel / Q345 / Q235 / 20# / Customizable
Bolt Anchor Lifting SocketSURFACE TREATMENTRaw Color, Electro-galvanized, Hot-dip Galvanized
SWL (tons)CODETHREAD(M)L(mm)A(mm)B(mm)C(mm)E(mm)


Features of Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets:

  • Higher Quality Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets:

    ISO 9001 Factory:

    Elevate your expectations with our premium Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets, setting new standards for quality. Operating within an ISO 9001-certified facility, we adhere rigorously to a meticulous production process that ensures the highest caliber products.

    Professional Testing Team And Advanced Testing Instruments:

    Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our expert quality control team and state-of-the-art testing equipment. Every Bolt Anchor Lifting Socket undergoes comprehensive scrutiny, aligning with your specific requirements and industry standards.

    Strict Inspection Process:

    Experience peace of mind with our rigorous inspection regimen. From scrutinizing raw materials to evaluating finished product performance and packaging integrity, our stringent process guarantees both quality and quantity upon delivery.

    Can Pass CE Certification and TUV, SGS Inspection.

    Choose confidence with our CE-certified Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets, available at HULK Metal. For added assurance, consider engaging TUV or SGS for factory inspections. Embrace uncompromising quality – your satisfaction is our priority.

    You can get free samples to check whether they can meet the requirements.
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  • Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets With Shorter Lead Time:

    Advanced Production Equipment:

    Our cutting-edge CNC equipment and streamlined surface treatment lines are pivotal in reducing lead times. These technological advancements ensure a higher yield and expedited production speed, translating to quicker completion of your order.

    Experienced Production Team:

    Benefit from our proficient production team, adept in operating and maintaining CNC machinery. Their expertise guarantees continuous and efficient production, aligning seamlessly with your requirements.

    Rigorous Production Process:

    Embrace efficiency through our meticulous production process, orchestrated by a dedicated technical team. With an astute understanding of your needs, they craft tailored solutions, resulting in an orderly production of Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets and expedited order fulfillment.

    Thoughtful Freight Service:

    Experience expedited deliveries with our thoughtful freight service. Our complimentary shipping consulting aids in selecting a secure and swift shipping partner, who has catered to numerous satisfied clients. Trust in seamless communication and timely deliveries, transforming your experience with us.

    You can get a solution with shorter order delivery times and guaranteed quality and quantity.
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  • Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets with Better Service:

    Dedicated And Professional Customer Service Team:

    Meet our dedicated and adept customer service team, ready to provide an encompassing service experience. From technical assistance to procurement, production guidance, quality checks, packaging design, freight consultations, and post-sales support, they ensure your needs are met comprehensively.


    24/7 Service:

    Experience continuous support with our 24/7 availability. Connect with us anytime, as our team remains online 18 hours a day, addressing your queries promptly and effectively.


    Tracking and Feedback:

    Stay connected with your order's progress through our tracking and feedback service. Receive real-time updates, including images and videos capturing the production journey. Engage firsthand with the process through video calls, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.


    Quality Assurance Services:

    Rely on our complete quality assurance system for returns, exchanges, replenishments, and tailored solutions. Deal your concerns is our priority, and we're dedicated to surpassing your expectations at every turn.

    You can benefit from the comprehensive services of a dedicated client team.
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  • Cost-controllable Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets:

    Higher Quality And Controllable Cost:

    Balancing superior quality and cost efficiency is our commitment. We meticulously manage production costs while ensuring top-notch Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets. Our robust production capabilities empower us to uphold this equilibrium effectively.

    Comprehensive Cost Control:

    Harness the benefits of comprehensive cost control through our integrated supply chain. By optimizing processes from all angles, we streamline cost-effectiveness. Spend less time sourcing suppliers, secure budget-friendly Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets, and receive swift deliveries without compromising quality.

    Shape Your Brand Image:

    Elevate your brand identity through elevated standards, prompt deliveries, and exceptional service. Forge a lasting impression with our support, shaping a robust brand image. Share your preferences, and we'll strive to accommodate them seamlessly, cementing our dedication to your success.

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  • Nigel Rossetti

    HULK Metal's Bolt Anchor Lifting Sockets boast top-tier quality and a holistic service approach that streamlines the supply chain gaps, elevating our customer support. We look forward to HULK Metal's ongoing strides in delivering excellence across products and services.

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